Though one land mass, the Americas is designated as two continents. North America constitutes Canada, The United States and Mexico. The little known St Pierre and Miquelon is a separate territory under French administration and lies just south of Newfoundland and is the only exclusively French speaking entity in North America.
Canada is bi-lingual, both French and English; but predominantly English. Canada is a republic but still part of the British Commonwealth.

South America, often referred to as Latin America because the language base is Latin origin.
The predominant language being Spanish and Portuguese and comprises of thirteen independent countries represent the southern  continent.
The only exceptions are the “Guiana’s” in the north which are Dutch, English and French speaking.

Tierra del Fuego is the most southern island in South America. During a dispute between Argentina and Chili, this territory issued only one stamp. It was later divided between the two combatants.
The Galapagos islands which belong to Ecuador also issued several sets during a short interregnum.

Central America is composed of seven countries of which only one is English speaking(Belize).
The rest are all Spanish; Aside from the “Cays of Belize” , (an integral part of Belize).
The only other entity was the Panama Canal Zone which was administered by the US. The zone had issued its own stamps for several decades until the Americans returned the canal to Panama, at which point the stamps were no longer valid as the stamps of Panama became the legal entity.

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