Incorporated since 1975, we are now the ONLY fully functioning philatelic retailer in the SYDNEY
Dealing in rare collectable postage stamps and historical postal services items from all over the world and from all periods.

We also offer and run an extensive New Issue Service for any country that has an official postal administration service.

The New Issue Service also extends to thematic issues such as:

      Birds,      Animals,       Famous People,       Fish,     Air,

      Ships, …. just to name a few and most popular in the list some of the major thematic stamp collecting we can accommodate.

We can advise on methods of ordering and mounting your stamp collections as well as supplying a large range of top quality storage systems such as:

      Albums,       Stock Books,       Mounts,       Archival pages,, both plastic and graphed paper,


We also supply a range of tools and accessories such as:

      Tweezers,       Hinges,      Perf Gauges,

      Water Mark fluids and Trays ….again to mention just a few of the most popular.

We also offer valuations for insurance and probate.

As an active buyer of rare stamp collections, we can advise on the best way to sell your valued collection.
As seasoned professionals we can also advise on the more complicated areas of watermark detection, perforations, etc.

Several years ago, we decided for quality-of-life reasons to reduce our working hours to three days a week, nominating Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as our trading days.
Our opening hours are between 10 am and 4 pm on those days.


Please note that if there are questions on specific items then please contact our office for clarification.